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HTI Bash & Dash Board Game


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A classic fun filled game for all of the family! Players race around the board in a bid to get all of their characters home first to be crowned the winner! How to Play: Each player positions their 4 characters in the correct colour base.

Each player pops the dice, the player with the highest score begins the game.

The player to the left will take the next turn continuing in a clockwise motion.

A player must throw a 6 to move out of base and into the start position.

Once a player has a piece in play they move their character around the board according to the number they roll on the dice. If a 6 is rolled the player can chose if they move another character out of the base and into the start position or move a character that is in play.

Any time a 6 is rolled the player receives an extra roll. If three 6’s are rolled consecutively the player loses their turn. A character may only move into the home column when the exact number needed is rolled. The player to return all characters to the