All year round we have a big selection of toys in stock. We offer a seasonal range of toys, in summer we have beach balls and buckets & spades etc and at Christmas we have a toy book to help the little ones choose the toys they want from Santa.


We have a selection of souvenirs for our visitors to Clifden, from Celtic jewellery to teddies and keyrings to postcards.

Greeting/Occasional Cards

We have cards for every occasion from birthdays to weddings and mass cards to anniversarys. Our range of Christmas cards are really beautiful and are a great way to show someone special you are thinking of them.

Personalised Cards

We offer a range of premium handmade Irish cards that you can instantly personalise. You can put your own unique message for any occasion on our beautifully designed cards.


Our extensive range of party products is not to be missed. We have banners, balloons, candles and so much more for all occasions.

Newspapers and magazines

We stock a wide range of Newspapers and Magazines. If we don’t have your magazine in stock we will happily order it in for you. You can put your magazines or papers on order daily, weekly or monthly and we will keep them for you.

Ice Cream & Confectionery

Very popular with our customers is our delicious ice-cream with a variety of toppings available. We also offer refreshing slushees and freshly made popcorn. Our sweet selection is very popular with the children who love to come in and choose what to spend their pocket money on.


We stock a vast variety of stationery, everything you could need for school or the office.

Candles and Oil Burners

We sell the most beautiful scented candles and wax melts. Our heart and Home range is the perfect gift for any occasion. It includes candles, oils, oil burners, wax melts, ornaments etc.


We sell a wide range of beautiful Christmas decorations. We’ll have everything you need to make your home or business beautifully festive this Christmas season.